Tequila Museo Mayahuel - Sacramento

We’re celebrating Mezcal Week at Mayahuel!

Become a Oaxacan Explorer. Take an adventure back in time to Pre-Hispanic México.

From Wednesday November 9 through Saturday November 12 - 5PM to closing - begin your adventure at our Taco Bar and Mezcaleria.

  • Start with a delicious small appetizer and Mezcal cocktail designed by our own Master Mixologist, Oscar Escobar


  • Continue your Oaxacan journey with 3 generous tacos, each made in the spirit of Pre-Hispanic México, with complex and delectable flavors


  • Enjoy a flight of premium Mezcales!  Choose from Erick Rodríguez’ rare and exquisite Almamezcalera or any other premium, small-batch Mezcal from our whole collection


  • Finish your adventure with a luscious dessert created to complete your Oaxacan experience


This adventure is reserved only for those who have the courage and heart of an Aztec Warrior! $40

"You won't truly know México in your heart until you know Mezcal in your soul"  

                ~ Señor Ernesto Delgado