Tamarindo - Oakland

Tamarindo is family owned business since 2005 that dedicates to serve traditional recipes from Mexico from aguachile to cochinita pibil. Our goal is follow and keep flavors as once introduced as a child. We also established are bar only to serve agave base spirits, Mezcal, Tequila, Racia, and Bacanora.

We will be featuring:

  • Mezcal flight #1 - Nuestra soledad Stgo. Matatlán, San Luis Del Rio, San Baltazar Guel
  • Mezcal Flight #2 La palabra espadin San Juan del Rio Quiquiriqui Espadin San Juan Del Rio Mezcalosfera Tobalá / Madrecuixe
  • Featured Cocktail #1 La Curandera Mezcal: Ginger, aromatic bitters, hazelnut liqueur, nutmeg
  • Featured Cocktail #2 Miel de Mezcal Mezcal, nance syrup, orange, bitters